Performance & Test Scores

A chief goal at Salem is to enable all students to be academically competent and to strive to learn to the best of one’s potential. In order to achieve this expectation, a solid academic foundation is provided throughout the curriculum in every subject. Salem strives not only to meet, but to surpass the lofty California State and the National Academic Standards. Being academically inclined goes well beyond simply a solid knowledge base and includes the ability to critically analyze and interpret information. Students are often given both academic and real life situations and asked to contemplate possible paths, solutions, and cause and effect. With those skills, students identify problems and are able to formulate solutions. Perhaps most importantly, students learn the important life skills that foster their ability to set goals, work with others, and achieve those goals. With a passion of their own for learning, the staff at Salem strives to inspire the students to seek, appreciate, and enjoy learning opportunities.

Starting in the fall of 2015, the faculty and administration began compiling data for an in-depth self study. The data collected reflects the extraordinary performance of Salem’s students when compared to other schools and students across the country. Salem’s average NWEA MAP Standardized MAP scores rank higher than the 90th percentile in the nation. That means that Salem students perform in the top 10% of schools across the country!!


SUBJECTSPRING (2014-2015)FALL (2015-2016)SPRING (2015-2016)
Grades 1-6
Grades 1-6
Grades 1-6
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