Our Mission

Since its inception, Salem Lutheran School has had a vision of nurturing children’s development to the best of their potential academically, spiritually, and socially. The mission of Salem Lutheran School is to educate students through quality instruction emphasizing Jesus Christ as the foundation of their lives, in which their potential can be nurtured and developed as they grow in faith. Students are taught that each is blessed with unique talents and abilities and loved unconditionally by Jesus Christ. Following the example set by Christ, children are inspired to care about a relationship with others established through mutual respect, honesty, and compassion.

We have established Expected School Wide Learning Results. Salem Lutheran School will prepare students to be…

Committed Christians

  • View the world from a Biblical perspective
  • Demonstrate compassion and reverence for all of God’s creation
  • Study, learn, and apply Scripture
  • Seek opportunities to serve others
  • Make decisions based on moral and ethical considerations

Academically Competent

  • Exhibit solid academic foundation
  • Critically analyze and interpret information
  • Identify problems and formulate possible solutions
  • Set goals and achieve task completion
  • Understand the importance of and actively seek learning opportunities

Creative & Critical Thinkers

  • Process, interpret and apply information across the curriculum
  • Analyze and draw conclusions from research and investigation
  • Classify, measure, and predict outcomes based on experience and knowledge
  • Work independently and collaboratively
  • Are flexible and diverse in thoughts and ideas


Responsible Citizens

  • Show respect and tolerance for others
  • Have positive leadership skills and seek opportunities to lead
  • Accept personal responsibility for choices made
  • Demonstrate an awareness of and appreciation for life
  • See the value of alternative and unconventional ideas

Effective Communicators

  • Articulate ideas in a logical and cohesive manner
  • Express thoughts clearly in both writing and speaking
  • Utilize technology and media to illustrate thoughts and ideas
  • Exhibit an awareness of different contexts and audience
  • Resolve conflict with effective strategies