Leadership Development

Over 70 Years of Developing Leaders

The Leadership training students receive at Salem Lutheran has its roots in our faith.

At Salem we believe that the spark of giftedness in every child ignites its potential for leadership.

At Salem we truly consider ourselves a family where each student can develop a sense of belonging that unlocks their potential.
The first and most basic truth our students will learn is that they have been uniquely and wonderfully created by God and gifted with talents, which are their gift to the world. Hearing, learning, and experiencing this truth every day gives our students the confidence and self-assurance to lead.

Our classrooms celebrate the strengths of each student and uncover the talents each child brings to the learning environment. Honesty, positivity, and encouragement are hallmarks of our classroom social structure. At Salem we cultivate a sense of teamwork that gives each child a role in the success of the team as well as a sense of responsibility for their own achievement.

Our students are quick to help, speak up for what is right, take on social responsibility, and have a passion for concerns outside of themselves.

At Salem our students learn that true leadership is born out of a servant heart and true character is based in humility. Leaders come with many different personalities, and each person can bring light into the world.