Academic Programs

One of the most critical school wide endeavors is that we instill in our students the desire to be committed Christians. As responsible citizens, students are encouraged to view the world from a Biblical perspective. As such, students must become knowledgeable of the teachings of the Bible, and the responsibilities and commitments that come with embodying those lessons.

An outcome of the program provided is that students will demonstrate a compassion and reverence toward all living things. Through Salem’s curriculum, students become aware of and knowledgeable about the Scripture and can better integrate Biblical principles into their perspective. Serving others is a huge component of Salem’s curriculum. Experiences and curriculum at Salem inspire leaders of tomorrow who make decisions based upon moral and ethical considerations.

Classroom study and Bible memorization are a part of each classroom curriculum. Lessons are integrated into daily life in the classroom and throughout the school day.

On Wednesday of each week, the community at Salem gathers in the sanctuary for worship. The purpose of the weekly chapel service is to foster the spiritual growth of students, staff, and parents, to learn more about the Scripture, and to provide an opportunity to worship Christ.

The foundation of each chapel is based upon the Scripture for the week. While the pastor usually offers the weekly message, each grade has an opportunity to present the message or homily one time each school year. Students take an active role in the formal procedures of the worship, acting as Scripture readers, acolytes, and ushers. Students also provide the technical support for the service through a student mentored technical support group.

The chapel service helps students understand the generous and unconditional love of the Lord, the unique creation that each person is, and the call to work with others to make the world a better place.

Service opportunities are a part of each school year. Each class at Salem supports a child through Compassion International. Salem also prepares Thanksgiving dinner baskets, purchases Christmas gifts for an orphanage in Mexico, donates to local charities that support children and families, and participates in various projects as they present themselves.

Under the direction of Coach Emmery Thompson, a successful athletic program has been established at Salem Lutheran School.

Congratulations to the Elementary Girls Basketball Team of 2018-2019 for winning the Valley Christian Elementary Athletic League Championship!

The program has included an emphasis on basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Students learn the essential skills involved in each sport, learn the rules and scoring, have regular practices, and compete against other schools. Practices and work outs include a focus on endurance and drills to improve individual and team strengths. Students learn necessary physical and mental skills for each sport played.

Salem Lutheran School considers athletics an important extension of the classroom. The intent of the athletic program is not only to teach skills, sportsmanship, cooperation, leadership, and core Christian values but also to build confidence and the desire for self-improvement. The goal is to develop each player’s overall physical and psychological well being while laying a strong foundation for continued participation. The athletic program involves as many students as possible in a variety of activities, further strengthening the sense of community through the achievements of group efforts. The life skills acquired through the experience with a team are powerful influences in shaping the character of students. At Salem, being part of the athletic program fosters athletic skills and a value for working together with others to accomplish a shared purpose.

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Middle School Girls Basketball
Elementary Coed Flag Football
Middle School Boys Basketball
Girls Elementary Basketball
Middle School Coed Soccer
Elementary Coed Soccer
Middle School Girls Volleyball
Elementary Girls Volleyball
Middle School Coed Track & Field
Elementary Coed Track & Field

Salem Lutheran School recognizes that music enriches lives and education. Music helps develop language and auditory skills, encourages coordination, imagination, creative thinking, improves pattern recognition and spatial relations, and builds memorization skills. Students are exposed to a well-rounded music curriculum. Classes center on building knowledge of general music theory, composers, singing skills, instrument playing, and an appreciation of the importance of music as a form of art, faith development, and as an academic discipline. Student efforts are coordinated and include several performances throughout the year for the Salem community.

The music program at Salem Lutheran School extends beyond the classroom and includes both Hand Bell Choir and Children’s Choir for students. The after school music program is one of Salem’s most well-attended programs and forms a vital link between the church and school. Both the Hand Bell and Children’s Choir groups convey or sing additional components of liturgy, and their leadership in worship services inspires the congregational voice. Hand Bell Choir involves a group of students organized as a hand bell team that learns to ring songs and melodies in harmony. Children’s Choir engages in learning songs that are tied into the homilies and Scripture of the worship services. The musical offerings are shared in church services and other presentations.

The music program at Salem Lutheran School serves a critical link within the school and church community. The program benefits academics and the arts, binds the church and school communities together, and is an important part of spiritual formation in students.

Additionally, for those interested in further music enrichment, Salem offers several on campus opportunities for instrument learning and music development.

The art program at Salem Lutheran School includes a combination of visual learning, artistic talents, motor skills, cultural awareness, and creativity. Creative expression is one of the building blocks of a child’s development. At Salem, students study art history, various artists, and learn about the many artistic styles. Art as a study and expression of faith are primary focuses. Additionally, essential skills are taught and practiced. Children explore new ideas and various options to create incredible works of art. Students learn to sketch, draw, use critical thinking skills to understand art, and employ skills taught to create beautiful and unique creations.

Students create portfolios and often apply academic themes to their art expression. As art from around the world is studied, students gain more cultural awareness. Various real-world lessons are taught and reflected in art creations as well. Art as a class at Salem involves appreciation of creativity, style, the world, culture, history, and academics.

Students also have the opportunity to have their art displayed many times throughout the year both on campus and beyond. Several Salem school and church events showcase student art. In addition, students compete successfully in several significant art contests such as the Glendale “I Love My Neighborhood” poster contest and the Concordia, “Art from the Heart” program.

A school library is an important component for developing 21st century learners. The library is central to learning and functions as a valuable resource for literacy and reading, inquiry learning, access to information, curiosity, and an appreciation for reading. Salem’s school library reflects and encourages collaborative learning and the sharing of ideas. Regular visits to the library grant an opportunity for learning and thinking and play a key role in supporting and developing an enjoyment of reading. The school library provides information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today’s information and knowledge-based society. The school library also develops the imagination and equips students with lifelong learning skills.

Though Salem has had a school library for over a decade, updates in recent years have had a significant impact on its usefulness for students and staff. Alexandria Library Software was purchased and used to create a fully automated library system. Every book was given a call number and cataloged within the automated software. Library cards with identification numbers were made for every student in the school. Alexandria provides a digital format for the management of the library’s resources. Student preferences can be tracked, trends can be studied, resources are more easily located, and detailed reports can all be run through Alexandria. Another feature of the software that benefits Salem is that the library has a virtual component that can be accessed through the classroom. Students can peruse the books within the library and be more aware of resources available. A staff librarian helps to coordinate the many resources and components of the system available to the Salem community.

Each year funds raised from the PTO’s annual book fair go to updating the library’s collection of books. Based on reports and usage, some books are removed and replaced with items more useful to the student body. There is an ongoing system of feedback among the librarian, the staff, the students, the PTO, and the administration that provides for a relevant and useful collection of resources available.

Students receive instruction in the computer lab weekly in grades JK-5 and several days each week from our technology instructor.

The Computer Buddies Program serves to provide students with exciting opportunities for learning and skill development with the use of computers. Younger children markedly benefit from the assistance of an older peer demonstrating computer skills. The cooperative learning situation provides for a team atmosphere in which students work together to achieve goals. Assignments the buddies work on together include computer made posters, reading and writing stories, playing math games, learning about geography, and more. The positive interactive learning fosters better communication, leadership, and social skills, in addition to promoting a solid foundation in the use of technology.

In recent years, there have been a growing number of families interested in purchasing a school- provided lunch. An increasing reliance on the school to provide a quality main dish and a variety of nutritious sides led Salem to contract with Choice Lunch as our hot lunch provider.