Each year at Salem Lutheran School, new and exciting opportunities abound!!  With much enthusiasm, the campus community has embarked on a new chapter with continued accreditation goals.  As many of you know, Salem Lutheran School was granted full accreditation in May of 2014 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Accreditation involves an ongoing and continuous cycle of a school assessing both strengths and challenges, and formulating action plans for improvement.

Starting in the fall of 2015, the faculty and administration began compiling data for an in-depth self study.  The data collected reflects the extraordinary performance of Salem’s students when compared to other schools and students across the country.  Salem’s average NWEA MAP Standardized MAP scores rank higher than the 90th percentile in the nation.  That means that Salem students perform in the top 10% of schools across the country!!  Recent NWEA MAP scores are shown in the table below.

Chapters 1 & 2:

WASC Ch.1and2.

Chapter 3

WASC Chapter 3-update-9-13-16

WASC Updates


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