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JK: none                          3rd: none                                            *Typing Test:
K: none                            4th: none
1st: none                          5th: None
2nd: none                        6th: None

Attachments for Assignments

Critical and Analytical Thinking Survey        (Students we will do this in class on 11-17-16)



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Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten:

We will learn the beginning steps in computer use (turning on/off the computer safely, launching a program, using different devices, such as a mouse and keyboard). In addition, we will learn about icons and how to use the keyboard properly.


First Grade:

There are many 1st grade programs that are educational. We use Kidpix ( by Borderbund) in the classroom. This program is a drawing program and a word processing program. With the help of this program and others, we will also learn how to edit, print, and save simple assignments. Students will also be introduced to basic coding through


Second Grade:

By this time they should be able to move around a menu bar. Save to the correct file, open a document, open a new document. They can format text: color, size and color. They are familiar with Kidpix. They know all the tools. They will have an introduction to Internet and how it links computers around the world, allowing people to access all sorts of information. With this introduction to internet, we will emphasize on the importance of internet safety as well. We will also use word processing applications to write, edit, and save assignments. In addition, students will learn how to insert and size a graphic in the program. Students will also have a brief introduction to spreadsheets and how to use Microsoft Excel. We will build on basic coding skills as well.


Third Grade:

These students can open a new word processing document, format the margins and the text. In Appleworks Paint they can manipulate the tools and produce a drawing. On the Internet they can perform simple searches and copy pictures to a word document. Sometimes inappropriate pictures will inadvertently appear. They are reminded that anything inappropriate is to be covered with their hand and to move to another screen. They will be introduced to Powerpoint and will begin working on simple presentations. In addition, they will use Microsoft Word to produce writing assignments and use different tools to research, proofread, and edit. They will also work on some spreadsheets through Microsoft Excel. We will continue working with coding in third grade.


Fourth Grade:

Here they will develop skills in report writing using Word. They will start their own Powerpoint presentations and bring in images and actions. They will learn in more detail about how to create a slide, edit, and format the text on a slide. They will do more complicated searches on the Internet. In fourth grade it is important that they have mastered typing skills.


Fifth Grade:

In fifth grade, students will use all Microsoft Office program to produce reports, spreadsheets and different presentations. In addition students will use keynote, pages, and numbers to produce reports as well. They will learn about when it is appropriate to use the correct program to create reports. As they are studying states they will be required to make an in depth Powerpoint presentation about a state of their choice.


Sixth Grade:

In sixth grade, students will do all of the above and more. In addition, they will be introduced to newsletters and label making.



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