6th Grade


   I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher.  My mom, along with many other amazing teachers I had, inspired me and helped me become who I am today.  People may think I’m crazy wanting to work with middle school students, but I really love it.  It is fun to see students change from young, sometimes immature kids to more well-rounded young men and women ready to tackle high school.  I am blessed to work in a Christian environment where I can share my faith and help guide students to continue the plans God has for them.

This year marks my 21st year of teaching in Christian education.  Seventeen of those years have been spent teaching middle school subjects such as math, English, and history.  I was born in Wisconsin, but moved to Nebraska when I was seven.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a middle school endorsement in math and English from Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD.  In 1997, I accepted a teaching job at a small Lutheran school in La Crescenta, CA.  It was quite an adjustment for a small town girl to move to Los Angeles, but I have never once regretted it.  Hobbies of mine include spending time with my family, singing and playing music, watching movies and scrapbooking.  I currently live in Sylmar with my husband and two children.


It’s hard to believe, but this week marks the halfway point of the first quarter.  Look for progress reports to be sent home next Monday.  If you want to see your child’s progress at any time, log into Gradelink using your code.

Below you will find information on upcoming events and links to the homework I have assigned for the week.  The links to the homework pages should all be updated by Sunday evenings.  The students will be shown the homework page during their class on Mondays (or first day of the week) and it will be posted to their Google Classroom account.  Once all students have been assigned a school email account and are aware of how to access it, students can then use the code I gave them to join our class in Google Classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email to jliu@salemlutheranglendaleschool.org or call me at school (818) 243-8264.

Thank you!

Mrs. Liu 🙂


Math 6 – Week of 9-18-17

History 8 – Week of 9-18-17

English 6 – Week of 9-18-17

English 7 – Week of 9-18-17

English 8 – Week of 9-18-17

Link to my MLA Powerpoint presentation:  MLA Formatting


Progress Reports will be sent home next Monday (9/25)


My school email: jliu@salemlutheranglendaleschool.org




Sixth Grade Curriculum 2016-17

6th Grade Schedule 2017 – 2018


Sacramento Sixth Grade Class Trip 

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the Sacramento trip this year due to not being able to meet our contracted number of attendees.  Perhaps a different field trip could be planned for later in the year.  If you have ideas for fun, not too expensive trips, let me know!  Thanks!









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