5th Grade


Mrs. Chrzan is a native of North Tonawanda, NY, and a graduate of Concordia University, NE, where she received a B.S. in Elementary Education with an emphasis in music. Since 1984, Mrs. Chrzan has taught at four California Lutheran schools, with classroom experience in grades 2-6, as well as teaching K-6 school music. For six summers she enjoyed interacting with children as the camp director at First Lutheran Burbank. Mrs. Chrzan is excited to be part of the Salem team, where children are challenged and guided toward achieving their academic potential, as well as solidly growing up in the knowledge of the Lord.


10-9-17 Update

Make sure that all paperwork and final payment for El Camino Pines is turned in to the school office this week. Our field trip is only two weeks away, and we are so excited to be participating in outdoor education!

Spelling test (Friday): words with long a sound (see worksheet #28/29).

Memory Verse test (Friday): “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” Romans 3:23 (NIV)




Warm Greetings to the 2017-2018 Fifth Grade Class of Salem Lutheran!

Parents: I am very pleased that you have chosen to educate your child at Salem Lutheran School. Our staff is very committed to providing a quality Christian environment for the children that attend, and it is a privilege for me to be a part of this team. With hard work and your continued prayers and support, this academic year will be a positive one.

As a parent, you are the most important educator in your child’s life. You know your child better than anyone; therefore, you are in a key position to guide your child to a successful future. Because of your influence and special insights, we will work most productively when we join together to establish and maintain a strong home/school support system for your child. When problems arise, you and I will communicate out of caring concern for your child, and we will diligently seek effective solutions. Please take the time to read and sign the following documents: The Discipline Policy and A Partnership for Better Learning. You may download these forms on my school web page or receive a copy from me.

Please make every attempt to attend Back to School Night on September 6, as we have important information to discuss. However, if an unavoidable conflict should arise, either call and schedule an appointment with me or request an outline of topics that were covered.

Students: I am looking forward to working alongside you this year! We are going to roll up our sleeves and get down to some serious business, as there is a whole kingdom of knowledge just waiting to invade our brains. And…we get to spend 5 days at El Camino Pines immersed in ecology, astronomy, forestry, Earth Science, group dynamics, and other engaging activities! It will be so much fun! I have been there with students several times and can hardly wait to go back!

I hope it will be a time of joy and discovery as we unravel more of the mysteries of the incredible world God has made. Let’s ask Him every day to bless us with curious minds and a strong desire to learn, and in return may we offer back to Him a thankful heart and our very best efforts.


Mrs. Chrzan





About the Class

Fifth Grade is a truly exciting time! It is a time of learning more and taking on more responsibility. In our class, we will be covering Math, English, History, Science and Bible. The students will also be taking PE courses as well as Spanish, Computer, Art and Music outside of class.

Curriculum: Students will be challenged in our curriculum which includes Saxon Math, Novel Literature and Open Court Reading, and Scott Foresman Science.

What are we going to be doing in class? : We will be learning the core subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies, English and Bible. We will also be learning about how to read, write and present ideas in an organized structure. Finally, and most importantly, students will learn life lessons as they relate to the Bible and other topics. Students will not only learn the information, but, learn the “why” and the “how.”

Grading: The grading scale is an A-F scale (see student handbook for details). Students will be graded on not only if they answered correctly on a problem, but, if they truly put forth effort. For larger projects a rubric will be handed out to each student.

Homework: Homework will be given nightly in typically no more than 2 subjects (e.g. Math and History, etc.). This does not count long term assignments or projects or classwork that students did not complete in-class. Students at the Fifth Grade Level will have anywhere between 1 hour to an hour and a half of homework per evening as per standards.

Late Work:  Unexcused late work will be marked down 5 points per day. If your student is sick or you and your student are planning to be on vacation, please email me so we can make arrangements prior to returning to school.

Plan to Succeed: 1. Come to class on time and ready to learn. 2. Pay attention and be respectful to the teacher and each other. 3. Follow all directions. 4. Do your work and turn it in on time.5. Be respectful and participate always and often.

Projects: All projects given will be given with significant advanced notice. Book reports will have at least 1 month or more advanced notice prior to a due date. Each project that will need to be worked on at home will come with clear and concise directions and instruction, and I will be available for questions.

Contact Information: Please feel free to email me at bchrzan@salemlutheranglendaleschool.org from the hours of 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays. Normally I will not be able to reply to emails on the weekend. I will be updating the website regularly so please check out our page at salemlutheranglendaleschool.org.


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