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Ms. Stradiotto is a native Southern Californian who attended California State University, Northridge and earned a degree in Child Development. Inspired by her own education in a private school, her faith, love of learning and continuing efforts to be an advocate for children, she became a teacher. Teaching is her passion and it is her desire to cultivate in children a love of learning and a knowledge of Christ and the scripture that will last a lifetime.


 Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at the following email:


At Salem Lutheran School we are dedicated to the following Expected School Wide Learning Results:

Committed Christians
Academically Competent
Creative and Critical Thinkers
Responsible Citizens
Effective Communicators

The attachments listed below include a variety of information about the upcoming school year.  Please contact me with any additional questions you may have.

Curriculum Series 3rd Grade
Discipline Classroom Management 3rd Grade

The 3rd Grade Weekly Letter is posted below under the Important Items.

Upcoming Dates and Events:

Important Items:

Have a GREAT summer!!

School begins August 23, 2017


The following exciting field trip are planned for the 2017/2018 academic year:

Nixon Presidential Library
Topanga State Park Chumash Ecological Program
Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve

Take a look at Salem’s 3rd grade class video on YouTube demonstrating the Smart Board. It was an honor to have this short clip created by CCS Presentations for their monthly newsletter… Smart Board Demo by Mrs. Stradiotto.

My mission as a teacher is to instill a love of learning that will last a lifetime. The learning environment is an exceptionally important component of student success. A variety of learning tools, methods, and lesson types are implemented each day. Individual and group learning opportunities provide for both independent and cooperative learning. The third grade classroom is a dynamic center where students can reach their potential in academic, spiritual, and social areas.



Academic Items:

For important academic items for the this week, please check on the posted Weekly Letter document posted.
For more information about the third grade curriculum, please click on the related document to the left of this window. There you will find very specific details about our course outline for each class. In an additional document posted, you can view Salem’s updated grade scale for the academic year.

Great field trips await our third grade class and promise to inform, teach, and delight children of all ages. For more information about field trip locations and activities, a link for the website has been inserted near each event listed below. Every field trip meets and exceeds the State of California’s Standards of Education for the third grade level. Tours and learning opportunities are always led by professionals with dedication and progressive insight on effective learning methods for students. Parents are ALWAYS welcome and encouraged to attend.

  • -Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
  • -Topanga Chumash and Ecological Center at Topanga State Park
  • -Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve


For more information about Back to School Night, please check posted items. The documents include an agenda, supply list, playground rules, classroom management plan, and and intro letter.
Weekly Letter: Each week you will receive a letter informing you about the week’s important dates and academic items. Both parents and students should read and sign the letter. Then, the signed bottom portion of the note should be returned the following day. The upper portion should be kept for your reference.

Third grade is an exciting year academically. The curriculum is inspiring and filled with dynamic learning opportunities at every corner. Students should come eagerly to school each day since there is ALWAYS something new and interesting going on in our classroom. One of our goals is to cultivate a love of and respect for learning about the world around each of us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email at: tstradiotto@salemlutheranglendaleschool.org  Check back frequently for additional and new information about the exciting activities, projects, and concepts being studied in the 3rd Grade.Teacher Goals

     1. To inspire and motivate students in a positive academic and social environment;
     2. To enhance the learning experience of each student by creating a variety of interesting lesson plans and activities
          in each subject;
     3. To challenge students academically and to help them to be successful with new concepts;
     4. To instill in students a desire to make great choices, to be good to others, and to always do their best



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