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Mrs. Perry was born into Salem congregation and is a lifetime member of Salem Lutheran Church. She began her career at Salem Lutheran School in 1964 when she entered first grade in the very classroom she teaches in now. A calling to teach God’s children lead Mrs. Perry to major in Child Development at Cal State Northridge. She has taught Spanish, Remedial Reading, and directed the Day Care at Salem before joining the full time teaching staff in 1998. For the past eighteen years Mrs. Perry has been enjoying teaching the first graders at Salem.

Welcome to First Grade !

We are ready to grow in First Grade!

We can’t wait to start the learning and the fun!

In Open Court Reading we will begin by reviewing all of the consonant and the short vowel sounds.  As we review we will learn the spelling of each sound.  As we master each spelling, we will begin blending the sounds into words. We will practice by reading our decodable books.                                Our big book theme “Let’s Read” will contain many interesting poems and stories, biography and art, all helping us to use our new skills as we explore literature.

In Math we will review our counting skills as well as learn our first set of addition facts. Our lessons will also include patterning, geometry, measurement, calendar, and mathematical reasoning.

In Social Studies we will learn about our culture. We will explore our families and neighbors, our schools and our country. We will talk about the rules and customs we share as a part of each community.

In Science we begin our Life Science Unit by learning about living and non living things.

We will enjoy going to Music, Art, Spanish,Computer and P.E. for more learning fun!

We are so excited to be in First grade!

Things to remember for September:

  • Come to school early enough to prepare for class every day.
  • Sign up for special after school activities.
  • Practice your skills by reading your decodable books.
  • First grade is fabulous!

Weekly Work Packet.9-11-17

Weekly Work Packet.9-5-17

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First Grade Curriculum Overview 2017

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