Uniform/Dress Code

Student clothing must be neat, clean, and properly fitted. Our uniform supplier, Dennis Uniform, has the complete Salem uniform components in stock. The attire can be combined to allow for variety, individual taste, and budget considerations. Please label all clothing, lunch boxes, books, etc. to facilitate their proper return. Children are not permitted to bring toys and trinkets to school without the permission of the teacher.

Dennis Uniform

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Los Angeles, 90065

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Lunctime Programs and Procedures

Lunchtime is important not only to our children’s physical and academic performance, but to their psychosocial functioning as well. Parents are responsible for providing lunch for their children; however, there are options to assist you in your meal planning.

Parental presence at lunch is not allowed.

“Brown Bag” Lunch: Those families wishing to bring lunch from home are welcome to do so. Please provide a nutritious meal, avoiding sweets, heavy fats, and junk food. Studies show, and experience demonstrates, that students study better and learn more when they have a balanced diet that is low in sugar and high in proteins. No carbonated beverages, glass containers, or metal pull tops are allowed. Please do not send candy, dyed sugar water, or sugary icings. A healthy lunch might include a sandwich, fruit, nuts, raw vegetables, and crackers. Feel free to include thermal containers or ice packs to insure food safety. Lunches must be self-contained. Refrain from sending lunches that need to be microwaved or refrigerated. For those not on the milk program, please include a healthy beverage such as water or juice.

Hot Lunch Program: The Sixth Grade parents have historically provided a hot lunch program Monday through Thursday as part of the fundraising for the class’s spring trip to Washington, DC. These lunches are ordered from an outside caterer and pre-paid monthly, with menus and order forms sent home with children in advance. The meals include a healthy entree, side dish, fruit or dessert and juice.

Pizza Lunch Program: The Parent-Teacher organization has historically provided a pizza lunch program on Fridays, beginning in October as part of their fundraising efforts. These lunches are ordered and pre-paid periodically, usually for 2 or 3 months at a time. The meals include 2 (or more) slices of pizza, a side dish and dessert. A beverage is not provided with the lunches, so those who are not on the milk program should provide a healthy beverage such as water or juice. The lunches are organized and served by parent volunteers.

Milk : Those who wish may order milk for the entire school year for one fee to be paid upon enrollment.

Note: Hot Lunch and Pizza Lunch programs are run and administered by parent volunteers for the benefit of the students and the school. We hope families will choose to participate in these programs with this in mind and respect their fellow parents accordingly.

Behavior and Discipline

Christian Behavior

We strive for the highest standards of courtesy and behavior. The development of self-discipline, as well as self-esteem, is of the utmost importance in helping a student realize his/her potential. Minor discipline problems are always handled by the classroom teacher and/or staff person. More serious or continued violation of Salem Lutheran School’s rules and behavior expectations will be brought to the attention of the principal where steps stated in the “Student Conduct and Discipline Policy” will be followed. The “Student Conduct and Discipline Policy” is signed and returned to the school office at the time of registration by each parent and also by your child(ren) if they are in grade 3 to 6. A copy of this policy is provided at the end of this handbook.

General School Rules:

  • Use respectful language.
  • Respect the authority of the school staff.
  • Play safely. Obey the rules.
  • Take proper care of the school property and equipment.
  • Use restrooms properly and keep them clean.
  • No running on the bar-side of the playground.
  • Dishonesty, cheating, defacing or destruction of property will not be tolerated.
  • Stay in assigned play areas.
  • Eating on the playground is not allowed. The student is responsible for cleaning his/her snack and lunch area.
  • No gum on school grounds.
  • Maintain a drug-free, alcohol-free, tobacco-free, weapons-free, and violence-free school.

Conflict Resolution

Children are encouraged to work out conflicts among themselves before coming to an adult. Please discuss and rehearse the following possibilities with your child to give him or her confidence to try resolving interpersonal conflicts.

  • Talk it over, and then be willing to listen.
  • Walk away from the child or situation.
  • Say “I’m sorry.”
  • Take turns.
  • Share.
  • Ask for help.

Please remind your child that there is a big difference between a minor conflict and a situation that could result in injury or property damage. Such situations should be immediately reported to a supervising adult.

Parent Cooperation

As a parent you have made a commitment to support the faculty and staff and trust in their ability to provide a quality education for your child (ren). To ensure that our school environment remains a safe and nurturing place for all SLS members, each parent is expected to:

  • Show respect in word, action and attitude at all times for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, administrators, teachers, staff members, students, and the property of the church and school.
  • Behave in a manner that creates a comfortable environment for other parents, administrators, teachers, staff members, or any student.
  • Support the school’s administering the consequences for poor choices made by your child (ren) at school, or during school events.

Grievance Policy and Procedure

When parents have complaints, questions, concerns or problems, they are expected to follow the steps given by Jesus in Matthew 18: 15-17. Namely, that if there is a disagreement or offense, one goes privately to the person involved. If that meeting does not settle the matter, then one or two people are asked to sit in as witnesses to reach a consensus. The Campus Pastor is a resource available for you. If this meeting still leaves the matter unresolved, the larger representative body of the church, the School Board, is asked to decide the matter.

  1. Contact the Teacher: If the concerns are classroom related, call the teacher or set up an appointment to meet with the teacher to discuss your concerns. This will usually clear up any questions.
  2. Contact the Principal: Parents should either call or set up an appointment to meet with the principal to discuss concerns of any nature, but if classroom related, step 1 should be followed first.
  3. Parent/Teacher/Principal Conference: If concerns are not satisfactorily agreed upon between the parent and teacher, an appointment should be made so that parent, teacher and principal can discuss the concern. The Campus Pastor will be included.
  4. Formal Grievance Resolution: To be initiated only after the above process has been followed and the concerns have not been resolved. In this case, a form may be obtained from the School Office and filled out to document the grievance. When completed, it should be returned to the School Office in a sealed envelope marked “School Board.” The grievance is then given to the School Board to assess its merit. If merit is determined, then the matter will be considered at a School Board meeting. Those bringing the grievance will be notified of the meeting date.
  5. School Board: The School Board shall resolve the grievance and shall do so by reviewing the submitted grievance and determining whether due process was followed and all concerns reasonably considered by the administration. In addition to the Formal Grievance documentation from the parent(s), the Board will also have documentation provided by the principal. The decision of the School Board will be final and all
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