The Elementary School Board is a representative body of five to seven members through which the congregation puts its aims and purposes into practice. The majority of the Board is elected by the congregation. There is also an appointed school parent who may or may not be a member of Salem’s worshiping community.  Board members are expected to make decisions in the best interest of the school, congregation and community. They must see that the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of the congregation, parents, school staff, and pupils are protected. The Elementary School Board, while giving leadership, is in reality the servant of the congregation. Activities and progress of the school are reported to the Board by the Principal.


The School Board believes that:

  • Christian Education is a vital part of Salem congregation’s grateful response to the gift and command of our Lord as seen in the cross and the “Great Commission”.
  • Christian Education is qualitatively unique, for it relates the transforming power of God in Jesus Christ to every aspect of life.
  • Christian Education is concerned with the development of the whole child: emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual.
  • Christian Education centers on the Bible, the Word of God, and focuses on the unique role that this Word plays in the relationship of humanity to God and of humanity to itself and others.
  • Christian Education takes place in an atmosphere where parents, teachers and students relate to each other in mutual cooperation, forgiveness and love.
  • Salem Elementary School should provide a setting where the child is educated in the full range necessary for the preparation of God’s children for discipleship in today’s world.
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