Our Mission and Purpose

The mission of Salem Lutheran School is to educate students through quality instruction, emphasizing Jesus Christ as the foundation of their lives, so that their potential is nurtured and developed as they grow in faith and discipleship.

Our Philosophy 

  •  We believe that Christian education is a vital aspect of God’s mission instructed by Christ to the church in His great commission, “Go and teach”.
  •  We believe that effective Christian education is achieved through quality programs and materials.
  •  We believe the Christian teacher is committed to the purpose of Christian Faith both personally and professionally, and will provide guidance to meet each child’s spiritual, social, physical, intellectual, and emotional needs.
  •  We believe that Christian education is connected with every field of human knowledge, all concerns of life, and all areas of interpersonal and group relationships.
  •  We believe that Christian education should guide each child towards his or her proper relationship with God, as well as with individuals around them.
  •  We believe in providing scheduled time for personal instruction on Christian teachings with professional teachers who are themselves Christian.
  •  We believe Salem Lutheran School is a model of Christian cooperation between adults and children. It is our hope that families experience a growing sense of joy, self-esteem, peace and forgiveness within the ministry.
Contact Us

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