Salem recognizes the critical importance of a quality daycare program available to families served. A great deal of time and regard have helped to establish a before and after school care program that serves many purposes and meets the needs of families attending the school.

The daycare program operates each morning from 7:00a.m.-8:15a.m., and after school from 3:00-6:00.

An experienced and qualified staff oversees a variety of activities such as homework, arts and crafts, school-yard games and sports, and creative play. Since safety is a major priority at Salem, the daycare staff carefully manages sign in and sign out protocol throughout the morning and afternoon sessions of daycare.

Extracurricular Classes & Programs

In addition to Salem’s daycare, a variety of after school clubs and programs have been established to meet the need for additional enrichment beyond the school day. Classes are updated on a regular basis to meet the demand and the interests of the families served. Feedback from parents, staff, and students is ongoing and helps to make solid decisions about which after school programs are chosen.

Salem offers a variety of extra-curricular activities that provide students with enrichment, intellectual development, service opportunities, creative expression, tutoring, athletics and recreation.

An active student council group encourages students to participate in student government and provides opportunities to develop leadership skills.

Summer Camp Program

Salem Lutheran School offers a well-rounded summer program that balances the needs of working parents with the enrichment and adventure that students appreciate during the summer. The program is open to students in the school environment and the larger community. Salem’s Summer Program includes daycare from 7 am until 6 pm.. A substantial benefit to the program is the low student-to-teacher ratio. Students spend the day with an experienced and caring staff.

Salem’s summer program fuses fun and academics to create a wide range of activities and experiences that benefit the students. The program consists of two major field trips per week, a variety of campus activities and play, and short adventures within walking distance.

Along with the many activities and field trips, the program also offers academic enrichment in math, language, reading, and comprehension. The classes are grouped by grades JK- K, 1-3, and 4-7. Generally the classes review content taught throughout the school year. In addition, classes often include an introduction to the concepts that will be taught in the upcoming academic year. Work packets are reviewed by the instructors and returned to the students. Should the packets indicate a need for further practice, a one-on-one approach is available for those students. Computer class is offered and gives students the opportunity to conduct research and produce information on different topics, while learning the fundamentals of technology.

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